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My most substantial accomplishments and leadership experience.

My ability to excel in business rests firmly upon three of my major talents: creative adaptability, leadership and industriousness. These qualities are essential to any endeavor, but are most useful in solving the problems that must rise in any business setting. Success relies upon the abilities to make risky decisions and to turn potential failures into accomplishments.

As far back as I can remember, I have had a passion for organizing business enterprises. My entrepreneurial spirit first manifested itself after my graduating from institute, when a friend and I created a company with limited liability. It was a risky deal, because our country still remained communistic with corresponding treat to private business. Even at present, living and working in Ukraine provides ample grounds for professional risk, especially in industry. Nevertheless, my first accomplishment lies in the field of fabrication and supply. In short, it's creating new, successful direction in our business. Two major problems for a newly established company at Ukrainian market are growing competition and poverty; to succeed it should sell cheap and necessary goods; such approach in turn requires reasonable amount of investment in production. One of the most perspective markets in our country is industrial, because enterprises spent giant sums to ensure own manufacturing processes. They buy various equipment, raw materials or technologies, but one is common for all of them: they must heat and ventilate working places; it means that they will always buy pumps and funs, regardless of financial situation. For this reason I had decided to assemble these items and attracted money of a few serious institutions under this project. I had studied mechanical and electrician engineering, because it was necessary to control all processes; I looked for prospective clients and suppliers of spare parts, I tried to secure entire fabrication. As a result, my company has fulfilled not only all initial obligations, but also became one of the most successful manufacturers of pumps and ventilators in Ukraine. Among our first clients were Administration of the President of Russia and local state administrations, biggest Ukrainian chemical enterprises, wineries, breweries, oil refineries, etc. In some cases, even participation in a certain project might be considered as my separate accomplishment, because our competitors were well known and big state or collective companies.

In general, competition is one of the most important factors which influence my decision to challenge a problem. If a task looks complicated or almost impossible, being however still perspective, it's for me. I am not information technology's specialist, but I can't imagine life or business without it (it's normal these days). Willing to better promote our company, I ordered a web site. Unfortunately, though it was designed by professionals and had a memorable address, it was almost unnoticeable among other kinds of advertising and did not forced increasing of our sales. The reason was simple- low traffic. Faced with this problem, I decided to try to create site with constantly increasing number of visitors; the solution was also simple- to place in web only interesting or useful materials. Often it's a difficult problem even for a collective of creative individuals, but a I regarded myself more than creative plus having excellent intellectual and professional abilities. So, I made educational site with only own articles about studying of foreign languages, programming, web design and cool professionals.

At present, my site, , is rated 3000ths among other 50000 Russian and Ukrainian internet resources and have about 40000 visitors per month: not a bad result for an amateur. Another example how can I challenge a problem is in my international experience. It is no doubt, that without up-to-date knowledge, technology cannot develop; the field of my technological inspirations was situated in Germany, the greatest European developer and producer of quality equipment for heating, ventilation and water supply. For a sake to study in German educational center (Leuna Bildungs Academie), I have learned German (though never before had spoken it) and passed exams. As a result of my successful education and business contacts, our company invented just appearing complex systems of water supply, heating and conditioning, becoming a dealer of some leading German producers.

Good abilities to communicate, cooperate and lead are essential for any person to succeed. I am among the few who have an early leadership experience. As it happens, people attain power after receiving reasonable skills, position or rank; nevertheless I have became a commander of 100 soldiers when was only18 years old. Some might complain that such experience has nothing to do with business or even, everyday life; yet leadership in the army is more complicated than the simple management of employees. I learned this lesson the hard way, being thrust into a management position as my unit was being just organized during the Afghanistan War. As a newly promoted Sergeant, I was not only held accountable for the work getting done but also for the performance and conduct of my soldiers. I had to solve organizational and economic problems of a big collective, ranging from food supply to physical training, or even medical service. Years later, while studying or making business, I have faced with different managerial tasks and each of them gave me additional experience, developing my potential to implement much more complicated tasks, even in unfamiliar or unfriendly surroundings.

The accomplishments and experience I have discussed above demonstrate a proactive approach to business and personal challenges, a consistent pursuit of excellence and the ability to handle tremendous responsibility. These attributes fit in well with those which the IMC MBA program requires for candidates with

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