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TOEFL minitest

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Match the correct answer. Format of this test nothing like real TOEFL, but your score may be the same.

Structure and written expression
1. This minitest __________ a software made by administrator of this site.
A. which is B. to be
C. has been D. is
2. It is important that all luggage __________ for identification before being loaded into the aircraft.
A. be labelled B. to be labelled
C. must be labelled D. should be labelled
3. Computers are used to play games.________
A. aren't they? B. isn't that so?
C. isn't it? D. no?
4.The ___________purpose of the jury system is to allow people to participate in the judicial process, not to inconvenience citizens.
A. most B. very
C. least D. much
5.The __________ Neil Armstrong on the moon was a momentous event in the history of mankind.
A. first B. landing of
C. walking D. landing
6. __________ obtained by heating coal in the absence of air is known as coal gas.
A. A gas B. The gas
C. A gas that D. The gas that
7. The U.S. team to the first modem Olympics in 1896 reached the venue just in time for the games but performed much _________ than expected.
A. well B. good
C. better D. least
8. The Askania Nova National Park, in Ukraine, was started _________ in order to protect the natural wonders of that region.
A. during 1872 B. at 1872
C. in 1872 D. on 1872
9. It is not outdoor pollution, _________ indoor pollution that must be given more attention as people spend most of their time indoors.
A. on the contrary B. actually
C. but D. also
10. Early European settlers found that the Indians popped corn _________ of heating them on stones.
A. by means B. by
C. through D. with
11. __________ Adolf Meyer, the Swiss-American psychiatrist, who coined the term "mental hygiene."
A. It seems B. It is believed
C. It is D. It is said that
12. __________ we manage the environment better, there will not be adequate supplies of natural resources for future generations.
A. As long as B. Not until
C. Unless D. Till such time
13. One respect in which Disneyland __________ other amusement parks is in referring to its paying customers as guests.
A. is different B. differs from
C. different from D. more different
14. Thousands of years ago giraffes had much __________ necks than they have now.
A. short B. shorter
C. less short D. least short
15. Different libraries have different periods of time for which members may__________ books.
A. borrow B. buy
C. lend D. charge
16.Long ago, I gave up to try () to learn swimming as(B) I could() not get over(D) my fear of water.
A. B.
C. D.
17. Every year during autumn, careful gardeners remove(A) certain plants to be potted(B) and nurtured() indoors still spring(D).
A. B.
C. D.
18. Having children accompany(A) their parents to(B) the supermarket is most educative(C) than trying(D) to teach them directly.
A. B.
C. D.
19. Sondheim's() musical "Into the Woods" explores what might have happened (B) to some of the famous fairy tale characters when(C) they were(D) happily married.
A. B.
C. D.
20. Little Nicky wished that he did not () have to get up so early at(B) the morning, in(C) winter, to go to(D) school.
A. B.
C. D.
21. The() two competitors looked intensely at(B) one other(), each trying to gauge the other's strengths and(D) weaknesses.
A. B.
C. D.
22.Unlike modern clocks, most old-fashioned clocks needs() to be wound(B) manually in order(C) to show(D) time.
A. B.
C. D.
23. William Taylor's coverage of the America's Cup Races in(A) 1934 won(B) to him(C) the first Pulitzer Prize given for(D) sports writing.
A. B.
C. D.
24. We had fried chickens(A) for dinner, after which we went(B) to(C) an ice cream parlor for(D) dessert.
A. B.
C. D.
25. Citrine, which(A) is a light yellow quartz, looks(B) alike(C) topaz but is softer(D) than true topaz.
A. B.
C. D.
26. When a space station has been established(A), then it becomes(B) possible to go very(C) far out into(D) space. Europe.
A. B.
C. D.
27. In 1962, Kennedy said(A) that the nation should aspire to land a man on the(B) moon by(C) the end of this decade(D).
A. B.
C. D.
28. Seemingly(A) that the(B) American Library Association is(C) the oldest(D) and largest library association in the world.
A. B.
C. D.
29. Cycling is(A) a good form of exercise even if it(B) is on(C) a stationary exercising(D) bike.
A. B.
C. D.
30. Despite of(A) the absence(B) of specific rules for the purpose, an(C) experienced player knows(D) how to get out of dangerous situations in a game.
A. B.
C. D.
31. Due to an awakening of interest in nutritious(A) food, it is easier(B) to come at(C) a variety fruits and(D) vegetables now than it used to be.
A. B.
C. D.
32. Many bird-watchers contend (A) that bird-watching is a hobby(B) that combines the joy(C) of discovery, scientific curiosity, and aestethic appreciative(D)
A. B.
C. D.
33. 1. Chicory __________ and mixed with coffee to make a darker beverage.
A. is ground B. is grinded
C. is grind D. is grinden
34. When Walt Disney watched his children play in the park, he wished that there __________ be a park where parents and children could have fun together.
A. should B. must
C. would D. must
35. Since ancient times, silver __________ to human beings.
A. has been known B. is known
C. is being known D. has been knowing
36. President Polk worked so hard that his __________ away from his desk was a rare occurrence.
A. has been B. was
C. being D. to be
37. __________ was revolutionized by the advent of the radio which gave distant events an immediacy.
A. News reporting B. News report
C. To news report D.To news reporting
38. A rocket propellant consists of a fuel and __________ oxidizer.
A.a B. the
C. another D. an
39. Yesterday I felt a little ill and today I feel __________ .
A. more ill B. most ill
C. worst D. worse
40. The three business partners decided to end their partnership due to a dispute __________ them.
A. between B. among
C. in the middle of D. by
41. Henry Ford not only revolutionized the automobile industry, __________ established the Ford Foundation, the biggest charitable organization.
A. he is also B. also
C. as well as D. but also
42. Paperbacks sell ___________, as people can afford to buy them any time.
A. readily B. quicker
C. fastly D. with ready
43. Through one's lethargy __________ could lose the opportunities to succeed in life.
A. we B. he
C. they D. one
44. Snow, sleet, frost, and hail are __________ forms of ice.
A. no different B. differing from
C. different D. different from
45. You'd better __________ from work tomorrow.
A. not absenting B. not to be absent
C. not be absent D. not to absent
46. In 1871, a fire in Chicago destroyed __________ 1,800 buildings.
A. many B. the same as
C. just as D. as many as
Reading comprehension
Questions 47 to 56 refer to the following passage:

Bumblebees are found throughout the world, primarily in the temperate and northern regions. The bumblebees are considered to be the most primitive of the social bees. Their colonies lack much of the structure and highly evolved behavior of the honey bees; however, like the honey bees, the bumblebees are plant feeders and important pollinators of crops. A typical colony consists of at least one queen, several males, and numerous workers. Only young fertilized queens survive the winter to establish new colonies the next spring. The nests are normally located deep in undisturbed ground, like fence rows, and are supplied with a mixture of pollen and honey. During late summer, a colony usually contains between 100 and 500 bees. Although bumblebees are two to three times larger than honey bees, they are neither as aggressive nor as abundant as the honey bees, and therefore not as dangerous.

47. Why are bumblebees considered the most primitive of the social bees?
A. Their colonies are not as structured and highly evolved as those of honey bees. B. They are not as abundant as honey bees.
C. They are plant feeders. D. They are two to three times larger than honey bees.
48. Where are bumblebees primarily found?
A. Near the equator B. The temperate and northern regions
C. The Western Hemisphere D. Mexico
49. During which time of year do bumblebee queens form their nests?
A. Winter B. Early fall
C. Late summer D. Spring
50.In line 2, the word ''primitive" must nearly means
A. tiny B. uncivilized
C. original D. undeveloped
51. According to the passage, bumblebees are different from honey bees because
A. bumblebees are less primitive than honey bees. B. honey bees are more dangerous than bumblebees.
C. bumblebees are more abundant than honey bees. D. bumblebees are plant feeders but honey bees are not.
52. In the passage, "plant feeders" means that bumble bees
A. eat plants. B. pollinate plants.
C. feed plants. D. sting plants.
53. A typical bumblebee colony consists of
A. two queens, numerous males, few workers. B. one queen, no males, numerous workers.
C. one queen, several males, numerous workers. D. one queen, several males, no workers.
54. Bumblebee nests are located
A. deep underground. B. hanging from fences.
C. on the ground. D. hanging from trees.
55. What is the main topic of the passage?
A. Why honey bees are better than bumblebees B. A description of the bumblebee
C. The differences between honey bees and bumblebees D. The size of a bumblebee colony
56. Bumble bee colonies usually consist of how many bees?
A. Between 50 and 100 B. Between 100 and 500
C. 600 D. Over 500
Questions 57 to 66 refer to the following passage:
Humans have long been studying the flight of birds and trying to imitate it. Not until the twentieth century did engineers fully understand the principles of flight that birds have been using for millions of years. Birds are adapted in their body structure, as no other creatures, to life in the air. Their wings, tails, hollow bones, and internal air sacs all contribute to this great faculty. These adaptations make it possible for birds to seek out environments most favorable to their needs at different times of the year. This results in the marvelous phenomenon we know as migrationthe regular, seasonal movement of entire populations of birds from one geo- graphic location to another. Each year with great regularity most species of birds return to their summer homes, court and choose mates, build their nests, lay eggs, and rear their young. In the late summer and fall they acquire their new plumage. Then they join with others of their kind in large and small flocks, feeding and storing up fat in their bodies. Thus they prepare for the hardships of winter, whether they remain in the cold northlands or make the strenuous journey to the south.
57. Which of the following is NOT an activity of birds in the summer?
A. Traveling southward B. Building nests
C. Laying eggs D. Choosing mates
58. In line 6, "phenomenon" most nearly means
A. miracle. B. celebration.
C. milestone. D. event.
59. The BEST title for this passage would be
A. "The Migration of the Hummingbird." B. "The Annual Migration of Birds."
C. "How Birds Fly." D. "Courting and Mating Rituals of Birds."
60. Which of the following is implied by the passage?
A. Because birds have not properly adapted to changes in climate, they are forced to endure cold winters. B. The migration of birds is a "social" undertaking.
C. Each individual bird has its own pattern of migration. D. All birds fly south for the winter.
61. Which of the following would best follow this passage?
A. A specific discussion of migratory flight patterns B. A description of how birds fly
C. A discussion of when birds return to their summer homes D. A discussion of birds' feeding patterns
62. The word "faculty" In line 5 most nearly means
A. strength. B. ability.
C. knack. D. endowment.
63. The word "adaptations" in this passage refers to
A. physical properties of the bird. B. coloration.
C. size. D. reproductive practices.
64. The main idea of this passage is that
A. birds are built the same as other creatures. B. birds need to migrate to survive.
C. birds are built to fly. D. birds need to be told when to migrate.
65. The phrase "for birds to seek out environments" means that
A. birds stay in the same place year-round. B. birds travel where and when they feel the need to do so.
C. migration is a function of bird keepers. D. birds prefer only one geographic zone all year.
66. Which adaptation is NOT a stated help to flight?
A. Internal air sacs B. Coloration
C. Hollow bones D. Tails
Questions 67 to 76 refer to the following passage:
Accidents seldom "just happen," and many can be prevented. Accidental injuries become more frequent and serious in later life. Thus, attention to safety is especially important for older persons. Several factors make people in this age group prone to accidents. Poor eyesight and hearing can decrease awareness of hazards. Arthritis, neurological diseases, and impaired coordination and balance can make older people unsteady. Various diseases and medications, alcohol, and preoccupation with personal problems can result in drowsiness, distraction, or poor physical conditioning. When accidents occur, older persons are especially vulnerable to severe injury and tend to heal slowly. Particularly in women, the bones often become thin and brittle with age, causing seemingly minor falls to result in broken bones. Many accidents can be prevented by maintaining mental and physical health and conditioning, and by cultivating good safety habits.
67. The word "cultivating," as used in line 13, means
A. discontinuing. B. encouraging.
C. beginning. D. disrupting.
68. In old age, women often appear more accident prone, because
A. women are always more accident prone than men. B. women suffer the most marked decrease in eyesight.
C. women's bones often become thin and brittle with age. causing more frequent instances of broken bones and fractures. D. women are generally more clumsy than men.
69. According to the passage, which of the following would NOT help elderly people prevent accidents?
A. Maintaining physical health B. Maintaining mental health
C. Cultivating good safety habits D. Entering a nursing home
70. Poor eyesight and hearing in the elderly can decrease awareness of
A. hazards. B. injury.
C. drowsiness. D. arthritis.
71. The underlying assumption in this passage is that
A. young people have more accidents than other groups. B. infants are the most accident prone.
C. old age brings more propensity to accidents. D. accidents happen equally to all age groups.
72. "Just happen" refers to
A. by being a victim. B. by chance.
C. with cause. D. with warning.
73. Accident prone is a condition not brought about by which of the following?
A. Wealth B. Poor eyesight and hearing
C. Neurological diseases D. Arthritis
74. "Vulnerability" in this passage refers to the elderly population's
A. unconquerability. B. invincibility.
C. indestructibility. D. susceptibility.
75. Which physical problem is not mentioned as a cause of unsteadiness in the elderly?
A. High blood pressure B. Neurological diseases
C. Arthritis D. Coordination problems
76. Drowsiness or distraction, which can cause accidents, can frequently be caused by any of the following factors EXCEPT
A. medications. B. alcohol.
C. too much TV viewing. D. preoccupation with personal problems.
Listening comprehension (simulation)
77. Which word rhymes with COULD ?
A. wood B. cold
C. blood D. food
78. Which word rhymes with TOUGH ?
A. cough B. stuff
C. though D. bough
79. Which word rhymes with HEARD ?
A. beard B. feared
C. bird D. hurt
80. Which word rhymes with BORROW ?
A. throw B. tomorrow
C. pillow D. know how

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