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Listening comprehension

I don't think You'd like to download 100MGb audio file. Best way to prepare to this section is to RECORD(using attached texts) conversations in our own.


(A) He does not like the hat.
(B) He suggests that she try on a different hat.
(C) He thinks the hat looks good on her.
(D) He doesn't like the hat because it is green.
(A) The woman thinks they will lose the game.
(B) The woman thinks the team is doing very poorly this season.
(C) The woman thinks the team will tie the game.
(D) The woman thinks the team has a very good chance of winning.
(A) She forgot to lock the door.
(B) The man was supposed to have locked the door on his way out.
(C) She did lock the door.
(D) She remembered seeing him lock the door.
(A) No, she did not get there on time.
(B) No, the show was cancelled.
(C) No, she only saw the band, but did not meet them.
(D) Yes, she did meet the band.
(A) The janitor did not clean.
(B) The janitor did clean.
(C) The janitor had the day off.
(D) The janitor cleaned but did not empty her wastebasket.
(A) She does not care for his company.
(B) She was unaware of his call.
(C) She did not have the time to call him.
(D) When she received the message that he called, it was too lateto call him back.
(A) Late papers are acceptable.
(B) Late papers will be accepted, but will receive a lower grade.
(C) Late papers will not be accepted.
(D) The professor is not concerned when the papers are done, aslong as they are well done.
(A) The smoke is not a cause for concern.
(B) The smoke could be coming from his grandmother's house.
(C) There is a store on fire.
(D) Someone should call the fire department.
(A) She thinks the electricity failed.
(B) She does not know what is wrong with the computer.
(C) She thinks that one of the connections is loose.
(D) The whole computer system is experiencing difficulties, it isnot just his computer.
(A) They do not allow pets in their apartment building.
(B) She has not seen the man as often as she once did.
(C) She saw a moving van outside his apartment.
(D) He told her he had plans to move soon.
(A) She does not like going out.
(B) She cannot go because she has to write a paper.
(C) She could not finish the paper, because she went to the show.
(D) She loves writing papers.
(A) In a bookstore
(B) In a classroom
(D) In a shopping mall
(C) In a library
(A) She does not intend to give him notes.
(B) She thinks he should read the history books himself.
(C) The new teacher did not want anyone to take notes.
(D) She did not take notes because she did not think anythingimportant was discussed.
(A) This restaurant buys food from a deli.
(B) They can eat in the restaurant once every week withoutaffecting their budget.
(C) They are afraid of getting weak if they eat there regularly.
(D) The restaurant guarantees satisfaction.
(A) She wants to do the least amount of reading.
(B) Though she is not fully prepared, she will take the test.
(C) She has been reading for the test for a long time.
(D) She does not want to take the test.
(A) She will cook dinner.
(B) They will go to a party.
(C) They will skip dinner because they ate too much last night.
(D) They will eat the food left from last night's party.
(A) The man did not attend the meeting.
(B) He should have talked to her after coming out.
(C) If he disagreed with the proposals, he should have expressedhis views on the spot.
(D) He did not get time to speak at the meeting.
(A) He is not sure whether he should give a birthday gift to Tom.
(B) A gift certificate is a better gift than a book.
(C) Tom likes to read different books than him.
(D) He is not confident about his ability to select.
(A) A person should always be careful about his eyes.
(B) The man should talk to a doctor immediately.
(C) The man should use contact lenses.
(D) It is the man's right to consult a doctor.
(A) Yes, but he is not the manager.
(B) No, because the woman is not his boss.
(C) Yes, but he needs a letter of permission to do that.
(D) No. He suggests that the woman should get help from themanager.
(A) The man should try to learn how to fly.
(B) Air travel is sometimes less expensive than train travel.
(C) The man can save some time if he takes a flight.
(D) Train authorities are not fair.
(A) Lisa
(B) A Mechanic
(C) Cathy
(D) Cathy's friend
(A) Drawing a map
(B) Writing an address
(C) Giving orders
(D) Giving directions
(A) Mark is no longer young.
(B) Mark is a good speaker.
(C) Mark has been kind to people since he was young.
(D) Mark was given the prize because he was young.
(A) Dr. Warner does not like slow people.
(B) Decisions taken in haste are always good.
(C) Dr. Wamer takes his classes in small rooms.
(D) If the man waits, he might not get admission to Dr. Wamer'scourse.
(A) A play
(B) A sports game
(C) An opera
(D) A movie
(A) He wanted to walk out on it.
(B) He liked it a lot.
(C) He would not wait for a ticket.
(D) He hated it.
(A) Anhour
(B) Two hours
(C) He did not wait.
(D) Just a few minutes
(A) Two hours
(B) One hour
(C) There was no one in front of him.
(D) He did not wait in line.
(A) Monday or Tuesday
(B) Wednesday or Thursday
(C) Saturday or Sunday
(D) Tonight
(A) Their families
(B) High school graduation
(C) University graduation.
(D) Business.
(A) No, because she is not sure if her parents can attend it.
(B) Yes, because this is a very important occasion in her life.
(C) No, because she thinks high school graduation is more fun.
(D) Yes, because she has waited too long to get her degree.
(A) Because they look upon him as a bright student.
(B) Because they like people with degrees.
(C) Because he is the first one in the family to get a degree.
(D) Because they have to travel only 30 miles.
(A) Texas
(B) New York
(C) Virginia
(D) Georgia.
(A) In a month
(B) Tomorrow
(C) Next week
(D) Tonight
(A) Make yardsticks
(B) Build a farm house
(C) Make some gardening tools
(D) Make a fence
(A) Because he has his own house.
(B) Because he was brought up on farms.
(C) Because he loves fresh vegetables.
(D) Because he never had a chance to go to school.
(A) Vegetables
(B) Rose plants
(C) Seeds
(D) Oil
(A) In the man's yard
(B) In the woman's house
(C) On the street
(D) In the garden shop
(A) To get some money for helping in the garden
(B) To get some guidance in gardening
(C) To ask him to work for their garden
(D) To ask him to keep a watch on their yard
(A) George Washington
(B) Abraham Lincoln
(C) Grover Cleveland
(D) Woodrow Wilson
(A) Minister
(B) Doctor
(C) Politician
(D) Farmer
(A) Rutgers
(B) Harvard
(C) Yale
(D) Princeton
(A) Massachusetts
(B) New Jersey
(C) New Hampshire
(D) New York
(A) John Adams
(B) Grover Cleveland
(C) Bill Clinton
(D) George Bush
(A) Because it is like a dreamland
(B) Because it has a short history
(C) Because Europeans like it
(D) Because it accommodates thousands of immigrants every yearfrom all over the world
(A) Political oppression in native countries of the immigrants
(B) Search for employment
(C) Love for nature and wildlife
(D) Exploration of business possibilities
(A) From Africa, Asia, and Mexico only
(B) From all parts of the world
(C) From Mexico only
(D) From Asia and Mexico only
(A) Business and knowledge
(B) Political oppression
(C) Disappointment
(D) Freedom and opportunity
(A) No, they face a lot of disappointments and failures beforethey are successful.
(B) Yes, they get whatever they are looking for as soon as theyenter the United States.
(C) Yes, because America is a dreamland.
(D) No, it involves advanced knowledge.

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