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TOEFL sample tests

Listening comprehension. Test 2.

I don't think You'd like to download 100 MGb audio file. Best way to prepare to this section is to RECORD (using attached texts) conversations in our own.


(A) He's glad the woman got into a car accident.
(B) That the accident was a terrible thing, but more damage could have occurred.
(C) The man thinks the woman is lying about the accident.
(D) The man is angry, because the woman was driving his car at the time of the accident.
(A) The money belongs to the two little girls.
(B) The girls should take better care of their earnings.
(C) They should give the money to the little girls immediately.
(D) They should keep the money because they don't know if it belongs to the little girls.
(A) Put the steak in the microwave oven to defrost it.
(B) Cook the steak anyway.
(C) Order a pizza.
(D) Go to a fast food restaurant.
(A) It's too early in the year to have Halloween decorations up.
(B) It's three months after Halloween, and the decorations should have been removed by now.
(C) The decorations are in poor taste.
(D) The woman did not notice the Halloween decorations.
(A) She didn't even notice Susan walking by.
(B) She just saw Susan the day before and had nothing to say to her.
(C) She and Susan had a disagreement and are no longer speaking to one another.
(D) The woman he saw was not Susan.
(A) The woman used the computer and erased his term paper.
(B) The woman corrected his term paper.
(C) The woman did not use the computer.
(D) The woman moved the man's term paper to another computer.
(A) The man did not follow the recipe.
(B) The man did follow the recipe.
(C) The cookies taste great.
(D) The man should have used a different recipe.
(A) Husband and wife
(B) Brother and sister
(C) Cousins
(D) Friends
(A) A gym
(B) A movie theater
(C) An office
(D) An ice cream parlor
(A) Several months ago
(B) Two weeks ago
(C) Last year
(D) They have never watched that movie before.
(A) Susan's exam is over.
(B) Susan could have kept the book since he has another copy.
(C) Susan could have made a copy of the book.
(D) He can give another book to Susan.
(A) The battery of the man's car is dead.
(B) The man is not lucky.
(C) The car is not reliable.
(D) It is difficult to get help.
(A) The college campus is very dirty.
(B) He does not like the college bulletin.
(C) The editorial in the college bulletin is not good.
(D) There should be no editorials in the college bulletin.
(A) At a patient's home
(B) In a doctor's office
(C) In a research laboratory
(D) In a store
(A) He does not like school.
(B) He does not have good clothes.
(C) He is still ironing his clothes.
(D) He is very depressed.
(A) She has done enough work.
(B) The man should be fair to her.
(C) They should do equal amounts of work.
(D) The suggestion sounds good to her.
(A) At four-thirty
(B) After five-thirty
(C) Earlier than four-thirty
(D) Any time that he likes
(A) Professor Miller offered more help than he had expected.
(B) Professor Miller will not discuss the topic with him.
(C) He asked Professor Miller for some books.
(D) Professor Miller gave him more books than he had requested.
(A) On the desk
(B) in the woman's purse
(C) in the drawer
(D) in the man's wallet
(A) Stephanie
(B) Stephanie's friend
(C) Her sister
(D) Her friend's sister
(A) He is happy that the woman thanked him.
(B) He is always ready to help.
(C) The woman is noble.
(D) He is happy to donate to a worthy cause.
(A) She has a big nose.
(B) She makes a lot of noise.
(C) She is very inquisitive.
(D) She does not know anything.
(A) Because she can always get another job.
(B) Because she is rich.
(C) Because there is plenty of time.
(D) Because there is another train in ten minutes.
(A) Happy
(B) Apathetic
(C) Sorry
(D) Angry
(A) The man should work in a bank to get money.
(B) The man should withdraw all his money from the bank.
(C) The man should try to borrow money from other students.
(D) The man should try to get a loan from a bank.
(A) Jill
(B) The woman
(C) His teacher
(D) Clem
(A) She was sick.
(B) She was on vacations.
(C) She was in class.
(D) She avoided Jill.
(A) He skipped class.
(B) He was on a field trip.
(C) He did not listen in class.
(D) He was sick.
(A) Math
(B) History
(C) English
(D) Science
(A) She was not taking the test
(B) She was not in the class.
(C) She had already studied.
(D) She wanted to fail.
(A) Theatrical groups
(B) Performing arts
(C) The woman's performance
(D) Nervousness
(A) Because she was afraid of criticism.
(B) Because the role she was going to play was challenging.
(C) Because she had never acted before.
(D) Because she did not know much about acting.
(A) By doing small child roles for a theatrical group
(B) By acting for school plays
(C) By joining a school for acting
(D) By working for a TV. program
(A) He is a director.
(B) He is an actor.
(C) He is an editor.
(D) He is a student.
(A) Because she likes writers.
(B) Because she thought he can recommend him to another director.
(C) Because she was never praised before.
(D) Because his opinion was valuable as a critic.
(A) Reading a book.
(B) Cleaning the garage.
(C) Making a writing desk.
(D) Selecting a design for a desk.
(A) In the garage
(B) In the library
(C) In the kitchen
(D) On the Lawn
(A) Because he is a carpenter.
(B) Because he does not like to waste time.
(C) Because he likes to work on a Sunday.
(D) Because he thinks that by doing so he can have a choice in material and design and save some money.
(A) From a furniture showroom
(B) From the woman
(C) From a book
(D) From a friend
(A) Read it.
(B) Hide it away till winter.
(C) Throw it away.
(D) Give it to her friend.
(A) Dardanelles
(B) Mamara
(C) Constantinople
(D) Hippodrome
(A) 150
(B) 1,500
(C) 15,000
(D) 15
(A) Greeks
(B) Constantine
(C) Arabs
(D) Romans
(A) Byzantium
(B) Greek colonists
(C) Hippodrome
(D) Constantine
(A) Forums and temples
(B) Stores
(C) Houses
(D) Channels
(A) Fluttering wings of a butterfly
(B) The blades of a machine
(C) A soft musical note
(D) Noise
(A) Because we are too busy.
(B) Because we need special lessons to be able to do it.
(C) Because we don't loose music
(D) Because we are surrounded by a lot of other noise.
(A) Music
(B) The ability to communicate with nature
(C) Driving
(D) Teaching
(A) Because it has a lot to offer our senses.
(B) Because we can listen to different types of music
(C) Because nature is all powerful.
(D) Because it relieves our minds of a lot of stress.
(A) Trees
(B) Butterflies
(C) Children
(D) Teachers

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