Listening comprehension. Test 4.

I don't think You'd like to download 100 MGb audio file. Best way to prepare to this section is to RECORD (using attached texts) conversations in our own.


(A) She did watch the same television program that the man saw.
(B) She watched a different television program last night.
(C) She couldn't watch anything on television, because her television is out for repairs.
(D) She watched the program at a friend's house.
(A) 1966
(B) 1968
(C) 1970
(D) 1972
(A) The bumper cars
(B) The roller coaster
(C) The ferris wheel
(D) The Tilt-a-Whirl
(A) A birthday party
(B) A funeral
(C) A baby shower
(D) A wedding
(A) Nine
(B) Seven
(C) Five
(D) Three
(A) Sam never promised to meet the woman.
(B) Sam probably got lost on his way to the meeting place.
(C) Sam probably forgot the meeting because he has been so busy.
(D) Sam said he would meet the woman at 11:00.
(A) A bakery
(B) A hospital
(C) A deli
(D) A beauty parlor
(A) He had to work late the day before.
(B) He woke up early in the morning.
(C) He went to sleep late the night before.
(D) A dog barking kept him awake most of the night.
(A) He does not like being in the library.
(B) The library is closing.
(C) He only has five sources.
(D) He is unable to find enough sources that he needs to complete his paper.
(A) She does not know where the man's coat is.
(B) She put the man's coat in the closet.
(C) She saw the man put his coat in the closet when he arrived.
(D) She thinks the man left his coat on a chair.
(A) Yes, because they thought he was the right candidate.
(B) No, because the hospital does not have any positions available at the moment.
(C) No, because he did not call the right person to get the job.
(D) Yes, because he approached them at the right time.
(A) It is fruitful.
(B) He doesn't have enough time to work on it.
(C) He is tired of working on it.
(D) It is taking too long to finish.
(A) Giving directions
(B) Giving orders
(C) Giving her address
(D) Taking an oath
(A) He lost money in his insurance business.
(B) He had to pay a lot of money to his insurance company.
(C) He had a sudden loss in his weight.
(D) He does not enjoy doing business.
(A) At a car dealer's
(B) At an auto garage
(C) In a house
(D) Near a police station
(A) They should have better light in their dining area.
(B) He didn't like the dinner.
(C) He cannot eat anything.
(D) He doesn't want to have a heavy dinner.
(A) Clare is very poor.
(B) Clare will not get admission in a good school.
(C) Clare could have scored better.
(D) Clare's score is very bad.
(A) Susan has not arrived yet.
(B) David has not come in yet.
(C) Both Susan and David have not arrived.
(D) The meeting is scheduled at ten o'clock and it is not ten yet.
(A) Julie is not good with names.
(B) Not Al but Mr. Alexander Robbins is the vice president of this organization.
(C) In place of Al, Mr. Robbins will see them at three o'clock.
(D) Al is Alexander's familiar name.
(A) Sixteen
(B) Twenty
(C) Four
(D) Twelve
(A) Her brother drove at a tremendous speed.
(B) She does not trust her brother's driving.
(C) She could not believe that they arrived in time.
(D) She did not believe in driving at high speed.
(A) They quarreled with some people.
(B) She is tired of them.
(C) They are happily married.
(D) They are very good people.
(A) The man has to take a test for his music course.
(B) She wishes him good luck for his test.
(C) Only great people love classical music.
(D) The man has the ability to appreciate really good music.
(A) Monday
(B) Sunday
(C) Saturday
(D) Friday
(A) She does not have any regard for the man.
(B) The man must have made a mistake in paying the bill.
(C) She is sorry that the man has disregarded their notice.
(D) If the man has paid his bill, he should not pay attention to the notice
(A) A sweater
(B) A blazer
(C) Shoes
(D) A suit
(A) She thought it was too big.
(B) She liked it on him.
(C) She did not like the color.
(D) She did not like the blazer.
(A) 25%
(B) 50%
(C) 75%
(D) 90%
(A) They did not fit properly.
(B) They cost too much.
(C) She did not like the colors.
(D) She did not like the stores.
(A) About 5 p.m.
(B) About 2 p.m.
(C) About noon
(D) About 9 a m.
(A) The man's qualifications
(B) The man's interview
(C) The man's knowledge
(D) The man's ability
(A) His qualifications are not good.
(B) He doesn't have up-to-date knowledge.
(C) There were many other qualified candidates.
(D) He does not have enough work experience.
(A) The ability to apply knowledge to work
(B) Good qualifications
(C) Experience
(D) Theoretical knowledge
(A) They are better than the interviewers expected.
(B) They are poor.
(C) They are fairly good.
(D) They are not compatible with the position.
(A) They have very good experience.
(B) They are experts in this field.
(C) They have good qualifications.
(D) They were impressed by him.
(A) The man
(B) The whole earth
(C) The eighth-grade students
(D) The woman herself
(A) Because there are many festivals in the spring
(B) Because it is hot and humid
(C) Because it is colorful and pleasant
(D) Because she lives in a tropical country
(A) He does not like flowers.
(B) He likes the winter.
(C) He lives in a cold country.
(D) He gets sick in the spring
(A) Cold
(B) Tropical
(C) Hot
(D) Humid
(A) Intelligent
(B) Funny
(C) Stupid
(D) Boring
(A) Northern
(B) Southern
(C) Eastern
(D) Western
(A) Zenith and nadir
(B) Alderan and Betelgeuse
(C) Alembic and alchemy
(D) Soda and syrup
(A) Germanic invasions
(B) Greek invasions
(C) Islamic invasions
(D) Roman invasions
(A) Germans'
(B) Greeks'
(C) Arabs'
(D) Italians'
(A) Philosophy and education
(B) Art and literature
(C) Agriculture and sailing
(D) Medicine and science
(A) Because 90 percent of the ice on the earth lies there
(B) Because it is a land of fierce winds
(C) Because the conditions there are hostile to human inhabitation
(D) Because it has an average annual temperature of-70 F
(A) There would be no scarcity of fresh water in the world.
(B) The sea level would rise about 60 feet.
(C) There would be thunderstorms all over the world.
(D) The Antarctic would become more hospitable to human life.
(A) Two hundred miles per hour
(B) Sixty miles per hour
(C) Seventy miles per hour
(D) Ninety miles per hour
(A) Because it has 90 percent of the planet's ice
(B) Because it is hostile to human life
(C) Because it has the world's largest populations of wildlife
(D) Because it is the windiest continent
(A) Seal
(B) Whale
(C) Penguin
(D) Elephant

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