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Structureand written expression. Test 1.

1. When he was going away for the weekend, he _____ hisneighbor water the lawn.
(A) got
(B) has
(C) requested
(D) had
2. Not only did many people volunteer to bring food for thepicnic, ______________
(A) but also drinks and games.
(B) many people offered to bring drinks and games.
(C) many people did not offer to bring drinks and games.
(D) they brought food.
3. Vasco Nunez de Balboa _________ the Pacific Ocean in 1513.
(A) was discovered
(B) had discover
(C) discovered
(D) discover
4. While my brother has excellent eyesight, he _____ hard ofhearing.
(A) has
(B) is
(C) was
(D) isn't
5. My cousin lives _____ a farm.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) in
(D) within
6. When she was a young girl, she used to wish she _____ aprincess.
(A) were
(B) was
(C) is
(D) became
7. Travelers checks are useful when one is traveling because_________ people refuse to
accept them.
(A) quite a few
(B) a few
(C) few
(D) many
8. We usually expect that __________ bring bad news.
(A) a telegram
(B) telegrams
(C) telegram
(D) the telegrams
9. If we __________ salt, the soup would have been tastier.
(A) add
(B) could add
(C) don't add
(D) had added
10. For a variety of reasons, many American young adults arereturning home or are not
leaving home at all, ____________________________________________.
(A) which has made families to react in different ways.
(B) which makes families react in different ways to this.
(C) to which makes families react in different ways.
(D) which is making families react in different ways.
11. Had I run out of gas, I __________ called the garage.
(A) had
(B) would have
(C) would
(D) should have
12. Paterson was angry _____ his friend and threw a book at him.
(A) with
(B) at
(C) on
(D) about
13. You _____ better study a lot next week, if you want to getthrough that exam.
(A) should
(B) had
(C) will
(D) must
14. Your friends won't be late, __________?
(A) won't they
(B) will they
(C) isn't it
(D) is it
15. _______________________________________ guns had been made byskilled
gunsmiths, one at a time.
(A) In 1798, Eli Whitney came up with a new idea,
(B) In 1798, when Eli Whitney came up with a new idea,
(C) Since 1798 Eli Whitney had been working on a new idea,
(D) Until 1798, when Eli Whitney came up with a new idea,
16. The lab's conversational desktop is a~ voice-controlledcomputer system
that acts like an automatic receptionist, personal secretary, andtravel agent which
screening all calls, taking messages, and making airlinereservations.
17. Even among the general public, consciousness has been raisedhigh enough so that
anyone sporting finery made from the skins of an endangeredanimal run the risk of
at least a verbal assault.
18. Coastal erosion is the only natural process that has alteredthe world's
shorelines ever since the oceans formed first~ some three billionyears ago.
19. Surveys note however, that the elderly are frequent victimsof certain types of
crimes, like purse-snatching.

20. Noise is ~external and excessive~ stimulus that ~increases~~rather~ ~than~ decreases
your tension.
21. Although teachers around the world are separated by thousandsof miles, their
methods of trying to encourage children to write springs from acommon source.
22. The professor managed to attending to the needs of his familywhile ~working~
day and night for the prestigious award.
23. Jan later laughs about having fell into the pond, althoughshe was very
embarrassed about it then.
24. Only one egg hatched after twenty-eight days, while all theothers hatched after
twenty-ninth day.
25. A few and the 50 stamps that my sister had were either forsale or trade.
26. My grandmother could never understand why I preferred a 20-storiesbuilding to a
rambling house in the fields.
27. "The Starlight Cafe" is a good place for orderseafood but not to order meat.
28. The legendary Robin Hood used to steal from the rich peopleto give to all poor.
29. Although the poor families are fast learning the new trade,the lack of education are
hampering their advancement.
30. In the event something happening to the family, the lawyerassured her that the
house would go to her friend.
31. The entire city except the western section is being plungeinto darkness for the night.
32. Frank and Anna Johnson had a daughter who were born in 1950,but who died
a few years later.
33. Americans tend to embody to what many is a curiouscombination of admiration
for their political system in general and disdain for itsparticular operations.
34. I have been having headaches so often later that I think 1ought to see a doctor

35. Thousands years ago, the world had several ice ages; orperiods of time when
the climate was very cold and thick sheets of ice covered much ofthe earth.
36. Hunger is not an unavoidable phenomena as are death and taxes.
37. Peter Weir, the prominent Australian filmmaker and screenplaywriter, ~and~ ~was planning~
to visit the United States to make a film.
38. While most Americans may admire a person who ~speaks~ morethan one ~language~,
most of them do not place any value on learning another language~themself~.
39.Having spent his childhood longing for books, Andrew Carnegierealized their value and
went on to become the largest donor of funds the American publiclibrary system has ever
had donors.
40. The survival instinct of cockroaches are so great that theyare known to
reproduce even within a ring of fire.

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