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Structureand written expression. Test 4.

1. Grover Cleveland was the first president _________ in theWhite House.
(A) got married
(B) to get married
(C) has got married
(D) was married
2. If cauliflowers __________ from extreme temperatures, theheads get discolored.
(A) were not protected
(B) are not protected
(C) are not being protected
(D) will not be protected
3. The first nuclear power reactor was designed _________ in 1942.
(A) by Fermi
(B) through Fermi
(C) with Fermi
(D) to Fermi
4. Greenland is the main source of cryolite. _________ softmineral used in the
production of aluminum.
(A) that is a
(B) which is a
(C) it is a
(D) who is a
5. _________ is the science of making artificial replacements forparts of the human
(A) Prosthetics
(B) Prosthetic
(C) A prosthetic
(D) The prosthetics
6. Rice is the staple diet of_________.
(A) a large amount of Asians
(B) much Asians
(C) most Asians
(D) number of Asians
7. William Byrd was the owner of_________ library in colonialtimes.
(A) the most large
(B) a larger
(C) a largest
(D) the largest
8. Exobiology is the study of life __________.
(A) in other planets
(B) at other planets
(C) on other planets
(D) to other planets
9. The Declaration of Independence, _________ the Constitution ofthe United States,
was drawn up with the help of Benjamin Franklin.
(A) and
(B) also
(C) as well as
(D) so too
10. It was from the Lowell Laboratory that _________.
(A) Pluto was sighted 1930
(B) Pluto in 1930 was sighted
(C) Pluto was in 1930 sighted
(D) Pluto was sighted in 1930
11. The rodent, comprising of the mouse, rat, guinea pig, andporcupine, __________ with
incisor-like teeth in both jaws.
(A) are mammals
(B) is a mammal
(C) is the mammal
(D) are the mammals
12. __________ into oceans and rivers is a serious form ofpollution.
(A) Having dumped sewage
(B) Being dumped sewage
(C) Dumped sewage
(D) Dumping sewage
13. Products which are made from natural earths and are__________ are known as
(A) being subject to high temperatures
(B) subjected to high temperatures
(C) subject to high temperatures
(D) having been subjected to high temperatures
14. __________ called melanin protects the underlying layers ofskin from sun rays.
(A) A color pigment
(B) A colorful pigment
(C) The pigment
(D) A pigment
15. Oranges are a __________ source of vitamin C.
(A) well
(B) better
(C) good
(D) very
16. Walt Disney was used to make numerous visits to Disneyland tofind out what the
needs and interests of the public were.
17. If James B. Connolly would not take part in the first modernOlympic Games, in 1896,
he might have graduated from Harvard.
18. Margaret Sanger made the people to see the need for birthcontrol.
19. If we continue to exploit nature there should not be enoughresources left for future
20. I have not learned cycling as I have been afraid of fallingand hurting me.
21. It is imperative that all processed food be approving by theFood and Drug
Administration for hygenic standards.
22. Not much scientists have the time or the verbal skillsrequired to become
literary writers.
23. Although coal has to been in use since prehistoric times, itis only since the
18th century that coal mining has become a major industry.
24. For best results eggs and cheese should be cooked over gentleheat, isn't it?
25. Although it started life as an apprentice to a soap boiler,William Colgate was to become
immortalized in toilet products.
26. The kinds of trees that shed their leaves in autumn are knownas deciduous trees.
27. The plants make their own food through a process calledphotosynthesis.
28. Science has transformed the planet but literature has notpaid
enough amount of attention to how scientists have lived andworked.
29. The prime meridian which passes through Greenwich, in England,is the same
the Greenwich meridian.
30. There is usually no charge for using a library but howeverfor overdue
charges and certain specialized services.
31. Tom does not agree that TV watching is in any way useful andso docs Harry.
32. A cuckoo always never hatches its eggs but leaves them inanother birds
nest to be hatched by that bird.
33. Recalling his interview with the actor, Henabery Brownlowsays that he does not expect
the actor to talk for four hours.
34. Chaplin had wanted some reels of his films to be destroyedbut he had been
saved by his manager.
35. For to commemorate the dog Nipper, whose picture appears onold
gramophone records, a brass plaque marks his grave.
36. Businesses are finding a word processor invaluable as textcan be stored in it.
reused indefinitely and modification easily.
37.The ginko is an ornamental decorative tree that was firstimported from
China and Japan.
38. Leavening agents such as baking powder are used to make breadand cake raise.
39. Most neighborhood agreed that there should not be a shoppingmall next to the park.
40. Peristalsis is the squeeze movement of the muscles in thegullet.

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