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I don't think You'd like to download 100MGb audio file. Best way to prepare to this section is to RECORDthese text conversations in our own or with smb's help.

Woman: I'mnot sure if I like this hat on me. Do you like it?
Man: I think it brings out the green in your eyes. Look in themirror and see for yourself.
Question 1.
What does the man mean?

Man: The team is making a remarkable comeback. Do you thinkthey will win the game?
Woman: They are only 10 points behind now. If they can keepplaying this well, they certainly will.
Question 2.
What does the woman think about the team?

Man: I can't remember if I locked the door on the way out ofthe house. Do you remember locking it?
Woman: Well, I didn't lock the door. You were the last one out!
Question 3.
What does the woman mean?

Man: Hey, I heard you were going to that record signing. Didyou get to meet the rock and roll band?
Woman: Everyone except the drummer autographed my album, and thelead singer kissed my cheek.
Question 4.
Did the woman meet the rock and roll band?

Man: Did you notice if the janitor cleaned last night?
Woman: Well, there was still trash in my wastebasket when Iarrived this morning.
Question 5.
What does the woman mean?

Man: I telephoned you last night. Why didn't you return mycall?
Woman: You called?
Question 6.
Why didn't the woman return the man's call?

Man: I didn't finish my term paper because the electricity inthe library failed last night. Do you think the professor willallow me to hand it in late?
Woman: Dr. Hatton said that he would not accept any late papers.
Question 7.
What does the woman mean?

Woman: Look at all that smoke coming from over that hill. Ibet there is a fire.
Man: That is the direction of Grandma's house! I hope she is okay.
Question 8.
What is the man thinking?

Man: My computer screen went blank. What do you think happened?
Woman: Have you checked all the connections in the back? Maybeone is loose.
Question 9.
What does the woman think is wrong with Hie computer?

Woman: I rarely see you around here any more. I thought youmoved.
Man: I've just been staying at a friend's house so that I cantake care of his pets while he is away.
Question 10.
Why does the woman think the man has moved?

Man: Are you going to the show tonight?
Woman: I would have loved to go, but I still have not finishedwriting my paper
which is due tomorrow.
Question 11.
What does the woman mean?

Woman: Professor Nelson said that I should find the book inthis section. But
nothing even similar to that book is here.
Man: Maybe somebody already borrowed it. Let's check the subjectcatalog.
Question 12.
Where did this conversation probably take place?

Man: Can I borrow your history notes? I didn't attend theclass yesterday.
Woman: I didn't take any notes. The teacher just read dates fromher notes to us, and I thought I could find them in any historybook.
Question 13.
What is the woman trying to say?

Woman: The food in this restaurant is really delicious. And itis not very expensive
Man: We can afford to eat here once a week, can't we?
Woman: Oh yes! I agree one hundred percent.
Question 14.
What do they think of the restaurant?

Man: Are you ready for your final exam next week?
Woman: Not really, the reading list is too long. But I will takethe test anyway.
Question 15.
What does the woman mean?

Woman: Do you think I should cook some dinner now?
Man: I don't think so. There is enough left over from the partylast night.
Question 16.
What will they probably do about dinner?

Woman: Were you present at the meeting this morning?
Man: Yes, but I didn't agree with most of their proposals. Ithink they are making admission rules too rigid.
Woman: Well, why didn't you speak out at the time?
Question 17.
What does the woman think?

Woman: Do you think we should buy Tom a book for his birthday?
Man: I am not sure he cares for the type of book that we wouldselect. I would rather give him a gift certificate.
Question 18.
What does the man mean?

Woman: Why are your eyes so red? Studying hard these days?
Man: No, I accidentally sprayed some glass-cleaner into my eyes.
Woman: I don't think you should neglect this. You should contacta doctor right away.
Question 19.
What does the woman suggest?

Woman: I am trying to pick up that bottle on the top shelf.Would you mind helping me with it?
Man: I don't work here. Maybe you can get a ladder from themanager.
Question 20.
Is the man willing to help?

Man: I have an interview in Detroit on the tenth, but thetrain fare is incredibly high.
Woman: You should try flying. Airfares are sometimes much cheaperthan train fares.
Question 21.
What does the woman mean?

Man: Did Lisa fix the toaster herself?
Woman: No, she had it fixed by her friend Cathy.
Question 22.
Who fixed the toaster?

Man: How do I get to the bank from here?
Woman: Go straight and make a right on Morris Street. The bank isright on the corner.
Question 23.
What is the woman doing?

Man: Do you know who won the prize for debating?
Woman: I think Mark did. He had been good at public speakingsince he was young.
Question 24.
What does the woman think about Mark?

Man: I am thinking of taking a course with Dr. Warner.
Woman: Dr. Wamer does not allow more than 15 students in hisclass. If you want to do it, you'd better make your decision fast.
Question 25.
What is the woman's opinion?

Questions 26 through 30 are based on the followingconversation.
Man: Have you seen that new hit movie?
Woman: No I have not. Was it any good?
Man: I had to wait over an hour in line to get a ticket, but itwas worth it. The acting was fantastic, and the plot had me onthe edge of my seat.
Woman: How come you had to wait an hour for a ticket?
Man: I arrived at the theater early because I had heard the moviekept selling out and I did not want to miss it.
Woman: And did the movie sell out?
Man: Yes. In fact, by the time they opened the doors, the linehad stretched around the corner of the building.
Woman: So, were you the first one in line?
Man: No. There were people ahead of me who had been waiting foralmost an hour before I arrived.
Woman: It must be a good movie if all these people are going tosee it. I think I will try and go this weekend.

Question 26.
What did the man go to see?

Question 27.
What did the man think of the movie?
Question 28.
How long did the man wait in line?

Question 29.
How long did the people in front of him wait in line?

Question 30.
When will the woman go to see the movie?

Questions 31 through 35 are based on the followingconversation.
Man: I can't believe it is only a week from now!
Woman: What?
Man: Our college graduation! Aren't you excited about it?
Woman: Of course I am! I couldn't attend my high schoolgraduation, so this is really a big event for me.
Man: Are your parents coming for your graduation?
Woman: I am not sure. They live in Texas, so it is very hard forthem. But my father will be calling me tonight to let me know. Hehas a business trip to New York next week, but hopefully he willadjust it somehow and come. Is your family coming?
Man: Yes, they are. They live only 30 miles from here. Besides, Iam the first one in the family to graduate from a university. Sothey are all looking forward to it.
Woman: Isn't that wonderful?

Question 31.
What are these people talking about?

Question 32.
Is the woman looking forward to her graduation?

Question 33.
Why is the man's graduation important to his family?

Question 34.
What state do the woman's parents live in?

Question 35.
When is the graduation?

Questions 36 through 40 are based on the followingconversation.
Woman: Hi Mike! What is all this wood for?
Man: I am planning to make a wooden fence for my yard. And then,in the summer, I want to pick up on my gardening again.
Woman: I didn't know you were interested in gardening.
Man: I grew up on farms. My father is a farmer. After I left forschool I didn't get a chance to do any gardening. But now that Ihave my own house, I thought I would recreate some of the farmlife here.
Woman: That's interesting. What do you plan to grow?
Man: I have ordered some rose plants, some tulip bulbs, and somemarigold plants from a nursery. And I am also getting some seedsfor vegetables from my father. He was here last week, so he knowswhat can grow in this soil.
Woman: Well, I wish you good luck! I will talk to John, and if heagrees to have a little garden in our yard, I will come to youfor gardening tips.
Man: Any time!

Question 36.
What is the man planning to do with the wood?

Question 37.
Why does the man have an interest in gardening?

Question 38.
What is the man's father going to send?

Question 39.
Where did this conversation probably take place?

Question 40.
Why would the woman go to Mike if John agreed to have a garden?

Questions 41 through 45 are based on the following short talk.
Woodrow Wilson was only the second Democrat (Grover Cleveland wasthe first) elected president since the Civil War. He was born inVirginia in 1856, the son of a Presbyterian minister, and wasreared and educated in the South. After earning a doctorate atJohns Hopkins University, he taught history and political scienceat Princeton, and in 1902 became president of that university. In1910 he was elected
governor of New Jersey as a reform or progressive Democrat. In1912 he was elected president of the United States. On April 8,1913 he became the first president since John Adams to appearpersonally before Congress to promote his program.

Question 41.
Who was the first Democrat elected president after the Civil War?

Question 42.
What did Woodrow Wilson's father do?

Question 43.
Where did Woodrow Wilson earn his doctoral degree?

Question 44.
Which state did Woodrow Wilson govern?

Question 45.
Who was the last president before Wilson to personally addressCongress?
Questions 46 through 50 are based on the following short talk.
The United States is a unique nation in that it absorbs thousandsof immigrants every year. People migrate here from all parts ofthe world-from Europe, from Asia, from Africa, from Latin America.They have different reasons for migrating to this country. Someleave their countries due to political oppression, some come toAmerica to explore business opportunities, some of them can'tfind employment in their native lands, and some arrive here insearch of advanced education. People are
ready to take any risk to be able to enter the United States. Ofcourse, most of the immigrants meet with a lot of frustration anddisillusionment before they are successful. Isn't it wonderfulthat a nation with so comparatively short a history should becomesuch a dreamland for people all over the world?

Question 46.
Why is the United States a unique nation?

Question 47.
Which one of the following is not a reason for immigration?
Question 48.
From where do people emigrate to the United States?

Question 49.
To the immigrants, what does America stand for?

Question 50.
Is the transition easy for the immigrants?

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