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Structureand written expression. Test 2.

1. __________ aspects of his talk have global applications.
(A) One of the
(B) Some of
(C) Any of the
(D) Although some of the
2. The American way of life __________
(A) has admired and criticized.
(B) has been admired and criticized.
(C) have been admired and criticized.
(D) has been the object of admiring and criticizing.
3. After a day's work in the lab, all the _________
(A) student's hands
(B) students hands
(C) students' hands
(D) student's hand
4. Special airplane fares for tourists make travel________ thanever before.
(A) expensive and attractive
(B) less expensive and more attractive
(C) less expensive but attractive
(D) less expensive therefore attractive
5. __________ people study Latin seriously, while most seem toprefer Spanish, Italian
and the like.
(A) Little
(B) Few
(C) Many
(D) Much of
6. __________ the less interested we have become in our religion,nationality, and family
(A) The further the century progressed,
(B) The further the century has progressed,
(C) The more the century progressed,
(D) As the century progressed,
7. We cannot believe that he is the man __________ saved you fromdrowning.
(A) that
(B) whom
(C) who
(D) whose
8. John and Pamela hated __________ for not being by their littlesister's side at the
(A) herself
(B) they
(C) themself
(D) themselves
9. The only thing__________stopped her from going to study abroadwas the pleading of
her grandmother.
(A) who
(B) which
(C) whom
(D) why
10. __________ is a way of life for them, not something thatterrorizes them.
(A) Living with deadly snakes
(B) Having lived with deadly snakes
(C) Living deadly snakes
(D) Deadly snakes
11. She also wrote poetry __________ articles for the localnewspaper.
(A) alongside she wrote
(B) beside writing
(C) as well as writing
(D) besides writing
12. The department ordered _________ new furniture to redecorateits offices.
(A) many
(B) a large number of
(C) a large amount of
(D) several
13. Since the beginning of time, women __________ of as inferiorto men.
(A) are thought
(B) have been thought
(C) are thoughtful
(D) were thought
14. __________ about the need to educate people on recycling, thespeaker stressed the
importance of conserving paper.
(A) During talking
(B) While talking
(C) In the event of talking
(D) A talk
15. A metaphor, _________ compares two things that are different,but have something in
(A) often used in poetry,
(B) has use in poetry,
(C) is used in poetry,
(D) has uses in poetry.
16. Foreigners who understand the styles of Americancommunication will ~far less likely be ~
to ~contribute to~ misunderstandings and negative feelings and ~their~opportunities for constructive
interaction ~will be~ much greater.
17. Once ~the~ province of aging screen stars and ~wealthy~,cosmetic surgery now
attracts middle-class office workers, ~many~ in their 30s and 40s,and many of them ~men.~
18. ~Self-educated philosopher~ and orphan who wearily ~travelled~China advocating the
traditional Chinese way of life, Confucius survived all three ofhis children and ~never~ fulfilled his
~life-long~ search for a government post in which hecoulddemonstrate his teachings.
19. Neither ~too much~ rest ~nor~ ~a~ diet of rich food ~are~good for the body.
20. Associated ~with~ African-American music has ~been the~lively ~and~ sentimental
minstrel songs written by composers ~such as~ Stephen Foster andJames Bland.
21. Once considered a luxury, ~the~ video recorder ~has become~ a~necessary~ ~even for~
middle class people all over America.
22. Columbus landed ~on~ an island ~in~ the Caribbean Sea, offthe coast of North
America, ~in~ October 12, 1492 and thought he had reached ~India~.
23. ~The~ commission's report suggested ~to~ the agriculturalcountries ~that~ continue with their
own farming methods instead of ~blindly adopting~ the methods ofdeveloped, industrial countries.
24. The Classic Maya ~who considered~ the numbers and the days intheir calendar ~as a~
procession of Gods ~who marched~ along an eternal trail ~with~ nobeginning and no end.
25. Like most other modern instruments, the European lute ~was~merely a refinement of ~a~
Near Eastern model which ~reached~ at Europe ~during~ the MiddleAges through
Spain and the Islamic conquests.
26. For years, Somerset Maugham was the most popular short-storywriter ~in~ English,
and his stories, ~like~ those of Maupassant ~is~ directness andfirm structure, are still
~widely read~.
27. Most ~animals feed~ ~is~ made from a mixture of corn andwheat chaff ~rather~
~than ~chemicals.
28. Almost ~20 percent~ of Finland's population, ~closely~ 900,000people, live in the
~ten-region~ metropolitan area ~of~ Helsinki.
29. ~An American's~ faith in the rule of law explains theconviction which many held, ~and~ many
foreigners could not understand, ~that~ President Nixon should beremoved ~from office~
as a result of his behavior in connection with what was calledthe "Watergate Scandal."
30. ~As~ small talk, housewives, ~whose~ numbers are steadilydecreasing in American
society, are ~liking~ to talk about ~their~ children, if theyhave any, or about
householdmatters or personal care.
31. The dam ~used~ as a drinking water reservoir until recently,~when~ the oil spill from
an ~exploding~ tanker made the water ~unusable~.
32. Each specialized group ~coins~ new words: ~while~ some ofthese spread quickly, ~especially~
when they are picked up by newspapers and the television andradio media,
others ~of these~ may become popular only in one city orgeographic region.
33. ~On~ the basis of annual flow combined with ~considerable~height. Guaira, located
~between~ Brazil and Paraguay, is the world's ~greater~ waterfall.
34. ~By having~ faxed the synopsis, she ~only needed~ to followit ~up~ with the ~full-length~
35. When given ~a~ choice between a microwave ~and~ an exercisemachine. Patricia said
she ~could~ rather have the ~former.~
36. If ~early~ arrival of the doctor or ambulance ~is expected,~try not to ~administering~
medical assistance ~on~ your own.
37. A recent ~study~ of woodpeckers ~may have solved~ ~their~mystery of why these
birds do not suffer brain damage or concussions ~as~ they hammer.
38. It ~had been~ a long tradition ~between~ the Montague familyand the Capulet family
to quarrel ~with~ ~one another~.
39. ~Wholely~ the book was less interesting ~than~ the individualsections ~describing~
the struggles ~faced~ by the cavemen.
40. Although the justices ~have been~ tolerant in the past, inrecent years the majority
~have voted~ to permit the search of ~student~ possessionswithout a warrant, a ~result~ of
the excessive drug abuse in school campuses.


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